Cities on Lake Minnetonka:

There are fourteen Cities on Lake Minnetonka: DeephavenExcelsiorGreenwoodMinnetonkaMinnetonka BeachMinnestristaMoundOronoShorewoodSpring ParkTonka BayVictoriaWayzataWoodland

Browse our comprehensive list of Cities on Lake Minnetonka, and get information about area, population, households, the median sales prices for Lake Minnetonka homes, and more! The Lake Minnetonka area is made of  diverse communities unified in their enthusiasm and support for the Lake.  It's also known for it's natural beauty including miles of shoreline, rolling hills and valleys and heavily wooded neighborhoods. The future for the upper midwest, Minnesota and the Lake Minnetonka are bright, with citizens continuing to invest time, energy and money in the fourteen communities that border the Lake.

Major initiatives are underway to prevent and attempt to manage aquatic invasive species which are problematic all over the State, the Country, and the world. The University of Minnesota and the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District continue to spearhead research on zebra mussels and the like.

The School Districts that surround the Lake are some of the very best in the State and the Country and include: Minnetonka School District #276, Westonka School District #277, Orono School District #278, and Wayzata School District #284 and voters consistently support levies and referendums.

Public safety for homeowners in the Lake Minnetonka area is 2nd to none in the State of Minnesota. The Cities on Lake Minnetonka also have a wide variety of civic, business, religious, and charity organizations. This website is viewed by many people looking for Lake Minnetonka homes for sale.

City Area
(Square Miles)
Population (2020)* Households (2020)* Median Age (2020) Median Income (2020) Median Price (2021)*
Deephaven 2.43 3,843 1,337 43.7 $139,531 $925,000
Excelsior .69 2,316 1,276   $70,000 $650,000
Greenwood .61 726 324 57.1 $157,188 $1,332,411
Minnetonka 26.9 53,781 25,080 44.4 $95,630 $427,000
Minnetonka Beach .48 546 229 45.8 $225,313 $1,878,043
Minnetrista 25.9 7,397 2,765 44.4 $171,786 $596,310
Mound 4.96 9,398 4,118 43.5 $92,964 $332,500
Orono 25.15 8,315 3,429 48.2 $159,028 $914,805
Shorewood 13.33 7,783 3,023 46.2 $139,956 $697,250
Spring Park .62 1,734 1,158 57.6 $50,678 $502,000
Tonka Bay .99 1,442 658 51.1 $133,000 $1,169,500
Victoria 9.79 10,546 3,719   $152,137 $505,050
Wayzata 3.16 4,434 2,200 52.2 $86,852 $925,973
Woodland .62 384 167 56.6 $223,125 $1,327,500

Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Demographics source is the 2020 U.S. Census. Median Sales Price from Minneapolis Association of REALTORS Local Market Update - November 2021. Compiled by Dan Gustafson of Coldwell Banker.


First settled by farmers Alfred B. and Celeste Robinson, this picturesque and tranquil enclave is home to the Cottagewood General Store, the Minnetonka Yacht Club, and Deephaven Beach. Located on the shores of Robinsons, Carsons, St. Louis Bays, many of the properties in Deephaven have long views over the Lower Lake North. Located within the Minnetonka School District. Notable areas include Northome Road, Lakeview Avenue, Cedarhurst, Linwood Road, Chimo East Street, and Robinsons Bay Road.


Excelsior Minnesota was settled in 1852 by the Excelsior Pioneer Association led by John Harrington Stevens and George Bertram who promoted the area to New Yorkers. Today Excelsior is home to many of the Lake Minnetonka Cruise and Charter Boat operations, eclectic shops and restaurants including Maynards which is on the shore of Excelsior Bay and the Lower Lake South. Excelsior is also infamous for the contributions made by "Mr. Jimmy" to Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones when the rock and roll legends played the Danceland Ballroom at the Excelsior Amusement Park in 1964. 


Located on the north and east banks of St. Albans Bay, Greenwood is a small but favorite community on the lake offering year round recreation and entertainment options. Highlights include the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail located on the western side of the community, and the Old Log Theater.  Adjacent communities included Excelsior, Deephaven, Shorewood, and Minnetonka. Greenwood is also located in the Minnetonka School District.


Originally settled in the 1850's, Minnetonka is the easternmost city on Lake Minnetonka, abutting Greys Bay, Libbs Lake, the Minnehaha Creek, and the Greys Bay Dam. It's also the most populous community on Lake Minnetonka with an estimated 52,369 for population as of 2016, 28.22 square miles, 13,619 and a median home price of $318,000. In addition to the natural water features, Minnetonka is a major center for commerce with Ridgedale Mall, multiple Target stores, grocery stores such as Cub and Lunds & Byerlys. Minnetonka is served by three school districts: Minnetonka. Hopkins, and Wayzata. The name Minnetonka comes from the Dakota Sioux mni tanka, meaning "great water". Major employers include Cargill, Carlson Companies, Medica, Starkey Hearing Technologies, St. Jude Medical, SuperValu, and UnitedHealth Group. 

Minnetonka Beach

Home to the Lafayette Club and an estimated 552 residents, Minnetonka Beach is one of the smaller communities on Lake Minnetonka. Settled originally in 1872, this enclave is nestled on Crystal Bay, Lafayette Bay, Smiths Bay and Lower Lake North.


On the far western edge of Lake Minnetonka, Minnetrista is one of the last undeveloped areas--although that too is changing. Comprised of 30.76 square miles, an estimated 2016 population of 7,397 and 2,176 households with a median sale price of $457,000, this community was named by the Dakota who deemed it water (minne) crooked (trista), no doubt referring to the bays on Lake Minnetonka including West Upper Lake, Priests Bay, Halsted Bay, Jennings Bay, as well as 6 mile creek and Dutch Lake. 


The birthplace of Tonka Trucks, and named after the plentiful and prehistoric Indian burial mounds within the area prior to European settlement, Mound is the destination for commerce on the west side of Lake Minnetonka. Settled in the 1850's and incorporated in 1912, present day Mound is home to 32 parks, 627 public boat sites as part of the Mound Docks and Commons Program, a slammin' skate park, the Dakota Rail Trail, and the Mound Visions redevelopment program which is focused on bringing Lake Minnetonka into the design of commercial and residential construction in downtown Mound. 


Originally part of an Excelsior township survey drafted in 1953 with land on both the north and south side of Lake Minnetonka, and then attached to Medina in 1868, the town of Orono was created with permission from Hennepin County Commissioners in 1889. Present day Orono has an estimated population of 8,009 residents, 2,176 househoulds with a median home value of $637,000 spread over 25.15 square miles. To this day Orono still feels primarily rural in nature, even as development creeps in around the edges. It is also home to some of the most expensive real estate in the Country, with prominent estates situated on Fox Street, Tonkawa, Little Orchard Way, to name a few. 


The City of Shorewood is a suburban Twin Cities community located in Hennepin County on the south shore of Lake Minnetonka. The City is primarily a residential community with limited commercial establishments. The City of Shorewood has five parks totaling approximately 90 acres. These parks offer picnic areas, playground equipment, tennis courts, ball fields, a basketball court, walking trails and ice skating. The beach is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Spring Park

The City of Spring Park is a small friendly city surrounded by beautiful Lake Minnetonka, which offers an excellent variety of activities year-round. The City contains diverse and affordable choices of residential living for all age groups. The businesses provide a range of goods and services there is an area available for commercial development. Minneapolis and St. Paul area easily commutable for additional employment, goods and services.

Tonka Bay

Tonka Bay, Minnesota, is a charming city nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Minnetonka in Hennepin County. Known for its scenic beauty and small-town charm, Tonka Bay offers residents and visitors a tranquil escape just a short drive from the bustling Twin Cities. With its serene lakeside setting, Tonka Bay is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and water sports enthusiasts. The city also boasts tree-lined streets, well-kept parks, and a close-knit community that values a peaceful, lakeside way of life. It's an ideal place for those seeking a blend of suburban comfort and natural beauty in the heart of Minnesota.


The City of Lakes & Parks, Victoria retains much of its rural charm while developing its quality residential and commercial base. Victoria offers a home for those wanting urban amenities while maintaining rural roots. Community organizations, athletic clubs, children's activities, worship, and recreational opportunities abound. Victoria is where urban rush meets rural serenity.


This charming community is located on Lake Minnetonka. Though it is small, Wayzata is the center of a sizable and growing trade area with speciality shops, boutiques, professional services and restaurants. Wayzata's leaisure activities focus primarily on water--sailing, boating, and water-skiing, and in winter cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing. The City prides itself on its beautiful plaza along the lake front.


Woodland is small community located in between Wayzata and Deephave on the northeast shores of Lake Minnetonka. First settled in 1857, and then platted in 1882 the community is located on Wayzata Bay and Robinsons Bay. One of the more interesting features of Woodland is the back waters that make up Woolsey Pond just off of Breezy Point Road. Other notable features include Cedar Point East and Breezy Point, two peninsulas that extend into the waters of Minnetonka.